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Renewable Energy

Complex legal, planning, development and other risks affect certainty over feed-in tariffs during the life of the project.  We work with our clients to ensure these risks do not impact their returns on investment or the banks’ willingness to lend on the project. 


Our M&A Insurance team specialises in providing warranty & indemnity and tax insurance products for our clients buying or selling manufacturing assets across Europe.  We have the skills and risk appetite to provide as comprehensive cover as possible and deliver cover in line with your deal timetable.    

Restructuring and Insolvency

Often, restructuring, work-outs and insolvency procedures can lock up significant capital while liquidators and administrators prioritise the needs of creditors.  We help to ring fence identified issues to facilitate distributions to creditors, shareholders or other stakeholders. 

Oil and Gas

Intensive working capital requirements place significant demands on companies operating in the oil and gas industry. We work with our clients to release locked-up capital to help smooth fluctuating demands and assist with long term operational viability.

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