Specific Risk Insurance

DUAL M&A has a highly experienced team which focuses on insuring Specific Risks.

These highly bespoke policies cover issues which may have been identified during the course of a M&A transaction or a client may have a contingency which they would like to remove.  Typically, the issues that we are cover are uncertain in terms of time to materialize or quantum (or both) and such uncertainty is impacting the client’s ongoing operations, its ability to raise finance, or the M&A sale process in general.

Risks that DUAL M&A has underwritten include for example: contractual breaches, shareholder disputes, trustee or liquidator concerns on distributions, employment issues, missing beneficiaries and judgement preservation.



  1. 1. Cover can be considered for a complete spectrum of risks, from early stages through to those which have been litigated.  
  2. 2. Cover can be for compensation, indemnities, damages, and the costs of defending against a third party.  
  3. 3. The underwriting process and insurance policy are highly bespoke for each risk in question.