Our Products

DUAL M&A is a dedicated team of M&A professionals offering a comprehensive range of bespoke products used in M&A transactions.  Our product offering includes:


M&A insurance covers known and unknown issues which arise through the due diligence process and during the negotiations as buyers and sellers seek to balance risk between one another via a set of warranties and indemnities.  Benefits of our M&A insurance products include:

  • Ring fencing issues so the parties do not need to put funds in escrow
  • Seller is able to achieve a clean exit 
  • Bidder may improve its bidding position in an auction process
  • Reduces counterparty credit risk particularly where long-tail liability 

The team at DUAL M&A will underwrite the risks within the parties’ deal timetable, to enable it to deliver a policy at signing of the transaction. 

The premium for our products is typically a one-off premium which covers the whole policy period (which is up to 7 years, particularly in relation to tax exposures). 

Our focus is on European M&A transactions, generally Eur50m to Eur1bn in value, across a broad range of sectors including Manufacturing, Renewables, CleanTech and Financial Institutions.