WHY DUAL Europe GmbH

Dual's Europe GmbH team is dedicated to providing innovative and bespoke transactional insurance solutions. Our underwriters have unparalleled experience and expertise in mergers and acquisitions space. Our international approach and ability to insure cross-border deals allows us to create policies that take into account the unique needs of international or domestic deals.

Dual's underwriters are fluent in a wide array of languages and all were practicing lawyers or accountants prior to joining our group. From Warranty & Indemnity insurance to Tax Liability insurance and Contingent Risk policies, our team has earned a reputation for executing multiple transactions with attention to detail and within the time constraints required in M&A transactions.

Also Dual has a dedicated M&A claims team with strong market experience specializing in dealing with complex M&A claims. We predominantly focus on financial and commercial clients in the European and UK markets. Dual has a strong presence in the London market and across Europe but Dual also underwrites risks in other jurisdictions. Our products and underwriting services are available in several local languages and compliant with local law and regulation.

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